Firm Practice Aids

The Practice Aids that are available for download are the actual practice aids used in my CPA firm.  My CPA firm in some cases has a higher standard than the Professional Standards.  This fact should be considered when using the practice aids.  The practice aids are available for download as a courtesy only because of the many requests I received over the years for copies of the various practice aids I use in my firm.  They are not to be considered part of any course offered by me,  CPA Education Services, LLC., or any organization sponsoring my courses.  Your seminar fee does include any right to access the practice aids on my website. 

Please feel free to use the practice aids that are downloaded from my website in part or in their entirety ... however make sure they are modified to comply with your firm's policies and procedures.  They are in Microsoft Word to facilitate copying and pasting.  

I provide no form of assurance that the practice aids used in my practice are in compliance with the professional standards.  However, most of them have gone through peer review. 

Please click here to download the latest version of my Firm Practice Aids.

I trust they will help you deliver a high quality service to your clients and employer.

Walter J. Haig II